•  MVP VALUE: Seeks long term capital growth and income by investing in 25-35  significantly undervalued companies. We construct the portfolio from the  perspective of patient, long-term business owners through a  value-oriented investment process based on fundamental, bottom-up  analysis that is unconstrained by geography, industry, or index  considerations. MVP Value’s  concentrated portfolio of thoroughly researched opportunities allows  focus on our best ideas which provides us with an opportunity to achieve  alpha over the long run. 

  • MVP INTERNATIONAL: Seeks  long term capital growth by investing abroad in 25-35 businesses that  trade at a substantial discount to our conservative estimates of  intrinsic value as patient, long-term business owners. The portfolio is unconstrained by geography, industry, or index considerations. MVP  International’s concentrated portfolio of thoroughly researched  opportunities allows focus on our best ideas which provides us with an  opportunity to achieve alpha over the long run.  

  • MVP WORLDWIDE DIVIDEND INCOME:  Leveraging research from both MVP Value and MVP International, this  portfolio seeks current income, moderate growth, and preservation of  capital by investing in 25-30 well-financed businesses. We  believe that businesses with well-capitalized balance sheets have an  enhanced ability to maintain operations while increasing their dividend  payments, survive during difficult periods, and thrive over the long  run. 


Metis Value Partners (MVP) currently offers its three concentrated value strategies as one of the approved managers on Folio Manager Exchange (MMX).  https://info.folioinstitutional.com/model-management#MMX

For independent financial advisors wishing to have access to our strategies, please contact us Info@metisvaluepartners.com directly for licensing agreements. **Disclosure: MVP does not make any determination that MVP models are suitable or appropriate for advisor and advisors clients' use."