“The stock investor is neither right or wrong because others agreed or disagreed with him; he is right because his facts and analysis are right.” ― Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor

MVP's value investment process is based on the belief that the  stock market is often inefficient in the short term resulting in a  deviation between a company’s stock price and the fair value of its  underlying assets. As these market inefficiencies can be exploited, the  goal of the company's investment process is to identify and invest in  companies that trade at a discount to their fair value and that are also  associated with catalysts that will cause the share price to align with  underlying value, generally over a 3-5 year time horizon.  Specifically,  the Company invests for the long-term in companies with strong,  defend-able business models selling at a discount to our researched  intrinsic value as private owners. As business fundamentals are believed  to drive share prices over the long term and these factors are best  assessed within a bottom-up company, industry, and sector framework, MVP  utilizes a consistent and repeatable investment process grounded in  fundamental, bottom-up analysis to identify such companies. The firm  believes that a keen understanding of the competitive landscape and  company dynamics that drive competitive advantage and economic moat  results in the identification of companies offering superior value and  appreciation potential.  Consistent  with the overall value investment process, the company employs a  bottom-up sell discipline that includes selling when a stock reaches its  estimated intrinsic value, or all catalysts are realized, or the  company violates its investment thesis, or if a stock is superseded by  an opportunity that offers greater return potential.